Guianan toucanet


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The Guianan toucanet, or Guyana toucanet (Selenidera piperivora) is a species of bird in the Ramphastidae family. Pacheco & Whitney (2006) suggested the correct scientific name was Selenidera piperivora, but, as shown by Walters (2007), this name is pre-occupied. A paper by Piacentini et al. (2010) presented arguments for the use of Selenidera piperivora (Linnaeus 1758) as the correct name for the species.

It is found in north-western Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, and Venezuela. Its natural habitat is tropical humid lowland forests. It is 25 cm (10 in) long weighs 110-165 grams (3.9-5.8 oz.)

The Guianan toucanet is sometimes kept in aviculture as a breeder bird or a pet. source

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