Purple-throated mountaingem


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The purple-throated mountaingem (Lampornis calolaemus) is a hummingbird which breeds in the mountains of southern Nicaragua, northern Costa Rica and western Panama. This bird inhabits forested areas in hilly terrain, and is found at altitudes from 800 to 2,500 m (2,600 to 8,200 ft).

It is replaced in southern Costa Rica by its close relatives, the white-throated and gray-tailed mountaingems, with which it is sometimes considered conspecific.[nb 1] These three species form a closely related group that evolved some 3.5 million years ago and has diversified since.

It is 10.5 cm (4.1 in) long. The male weighs 6.0 g (0.21 oz) and the female 4.8 g (0.17 oz). The shortish black bill is slightly curved.

The adult male has bronze-green upperparts and underparts except for a brilliant green crown, purple throat and dark grey tail. The female lacks the bright crown and throat, and has rich cinnamon underparts. Young birds resemble the female but have buff fringes to the upperparts plumage.

The call of this species is a sharp buzzy zeet. source

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