White-eared hummingbird


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The white-eared hummingbird (Basilinna leucotis) (syn. Hylocharis leucotis), is a small hummingbird. It is 9–10 cm long, and weighs approximately 3-4 g.

Adults are colored predominantly green on their upperparts and breast. The undertail coverts are predominately white. The tail is bronze green and straight. The most prominent feature is the white eyestripe found in both males and females. The bill of the male is straight and very slender. These hummers occur as far south as Cabo San Lucas in the Baja, Their bill is slightly decurved. It is red in coloration, and shows a black tip. His throat is a metallic turquoise green. His crown and face is violet and black. The female is less colorful than the male. source

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