Bronze parotia


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The bronze parotia (Parotia berlepschi), also known as the Foja parotia, Berlepsch’s parotia or Berlepsch’s six-wired bird-of-paradise, is a bird-of-paradise. It resembles and is often considered to be a subspecies of the Queen Carola’s parotia, but it differs from the latter by having more heavily bronzed plumage and no eye ring.

The specific name commemorates a 19th-century German ornithologist Hans von Berlepsch.

The bronze parotia is medium-sized bird, with black and bronze-tinged upperparts, conspicuous white flank plumes, iridescent coppery-greenish breast plumes, and six flag-tipped head wires. The duller female lacks the head wires, has finely dark-barred whitish underparts, brown upperparts, and rufous wings. The irides of both sexes are whitish. source

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