Black breasted parrotbill


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The black-breasted parrotbill (Paradoxornis flavirostris) is a 19 cm long, large, thick-billed parrotbill with black patches on the head-sides and throat. Formerly considered a distinct family, the parrotbills are now placed with the typical warblers in the Sylviidae (Jønsson & Fjeldså 2006).

The bird is more or less brown all over, with an extensive black area on upper breast and uniform rufous-buff remainder of underparts. The similar spot-breasted parrotbill, a close relative, has arrow-shaped spotting on breast and pale buff underparts. The voice is a gruff howh, jeehw or jahw, the song a rhythmic series, aw jahw jahw jahw and uhwi uhwi uhwi uhwi. Alternatively, a higher-pitched wi chi’chi’chi’chi’chi, wi yi’yi’yi’yi’yi; wi’uwi-uwi-uwi wi chu-chu-chu is given.(BLI 2006). source

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