Red-Headed Blackbird


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The scarlet-headed blackbird (Amblyramphus holosericeus) is an icterid bird of southern South American wetlands.

This species is about 24 cm long. The bill is oddly shaped: long, slender, and very sharp, looking almost upturned. Adults of both sexes are described by their name. Juveniles have entirely black plumage; orange-red feathers first appear on their breast and throat, later spreading to the neck, head, and thighs. The song is given as “loud, clear, and melodic, a ringing ‘cleer-cleer-clur, clulululu’.” Calls are simpler but have a similar quality.[2]

Scarlet-headed blackbirds occur in pairs in large reed beds in southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and northeasternArgentina; Bolivia has an isolated population at altitudes up to about 600 m. They often perch conspicuously on top of stems. They are uncommon, particularly away from the coast. source

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