Foxface rabbitfish


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The foxface rabbitfish (Siganus vulpinus) is a species of fish found at reefs and lagoons in the tropical Western Pacific.[1] It belongs to the rabbitfish family (Siganidae) and is sometimes still placed in the obsolete genus Lo. Other common names are foxface or foxface lo, but these properly refer to any of the rabbitfish species once separated in Lo, e.g. the closely related[2] bicolored foxface (S. uspi). It is often seen in the marine aquarium trade.

The blotched foxface (S. unimaculatus) differs from S. vulpinus in possessing a large black spot below the aft dorsal fin. It is sympatric and not phylogenetically distinct, and though these two might be recently evolved species, they are more likely just color morphs and ought to be united under the scientific name S. vulpinus. source

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