Pied monarch


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The pied monarch (Arses kaupi) is a species of bird in the monarch-flycatcher family Monarchidae. It is endemic to coastal Queensland in Australia. The species has a number of other common names, including the Australian pied monarch, the banded monarch, the pied monarch-flycatcher, the black-breasted flycatcher and Kaup’s flycatcher.

The pied monarch is found in tropical forest edge habitats and secondary growth in coastal north eastern Queensland, from Cooktown to Ingham. It ranges from sea-level up to 900 metres (3,000 ft). It also occurs in palm-vine scrub, gallery forest and along rivers. The species is mostly non-migratory, but some birds disperse to the Eucalyptus woodland in the Atherton Tableland during the winter.

The species has a tiny global range, and is described as uncommon and occurring at low densities throughout its range. However much of its range is protected within national parks or World Heritage Sites, and its habitat is thought to be secure. The species is considered to be safe at the moment, and is listed as Least Concern by the IUCN. source

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