Malayan Forest Gecko


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The Malayan forest gecko, Cyrtodactylus pulchellus, is a species of gecko found in Southeast Asia.

Head large, much depressed, oviform; snout longer than the orbit, the diameter of which equals its distance from the ear-opening; forehead and loreal region concave; ear opening suboval, vertical, slightly oblique, one third to two fifths the diameter of the eye. Body and limbs rather elongate. Digits strong, slightly depressed at the base, strongly compressed in the remaining portion; the basal phalanx with well-developed transverse plates beneath. Head granular, with small round tubercles on the occipital and temporal regions, the granules enlarged on the snout, except in the frontal and loreal concavities. Rostral subquadrangular, nearly twice as broad as deep, with median cleft above, and entering the nostril to a considerable extent; the latter directed backward, pierced between the rostral, the first labial, and three or four nasals; 10 to 13 upper and 10 to 12 lower labialsĀ ; mental triangular; two or three pairs of chin-shields, median largest and in contact behind the point of the mental; throat minutely granulate. source

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