Raorchestes resplendens


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Resplendent shrubfrog, Raorchestes resplendens, is a critically endangered species of frog belonging to the family Rhacophoridae. It is a novel species with extremely short limbs and numerous macroglands and has been discovered from the Anamudi summit (2695 m asl) in the Western Ghats of Kerala, India.

Within the generally small Raorchestes, Raorchestes resplendens qualify as medium-sized frogs: males grow to a snout-vent length of 23–25 mm (0.91–0.98 in) and females to 25–28 mm (0.98–1.10 in). Individuals of the species are distinguishable from all members of the genus by their bright reddish orange colour and multiple prominent glandular swelling. These are present laterally behind the eyes, on the side of the dorsum, on the anterior side of the vent, on the dorsal side of forearm and shanks and on the posterior side of the tarsus and metatarsus. The limbs are much shorter than in other Raorchestes.

The species is presently known to live within three km2 on the Anamudi summit within the Eravikulam National Park, India. source

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