Sharp-nosed Viper


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Common names: sharp-nosed pit viper, sharp-nosed viper, snorkel viper, hundred pacer, Chinese moccasin, more.
Deinagkistrodon is a monotypic genus created for a venomous pit viper species, D. acutus, found in Southeast Asia. No subspecies are currently recognized.

Back is light brown or greyish brown, with a series of dark brown lateral triangles on each side. The two pointed tops of the two opposite triangles meet each other at the mid-line, forming a series of about twenty light brown, squarish blotches on the back. A row of large black spots extends along each side near the belly.

This species inhabits high, forested mountains up to 1,350 metres (4,430 ft), but has also been found in low coastal regions (100 metres (330 ft)). It prefers lower mountain slopes or rocky hills with small valleys. source

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