Xylocopa bombylans

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The peacock carpenter bee, Xylocopa bombylans, is a species of carpenter bee found in Australia. It gets its common name by its habit of burrowing into wood.

It was originally described by Danish naturalist Johan Christian Fabricius in 1775. Its specific epithet is the Latin bombylans“like a bumblebee”. The name is derived from the Ancient Greek (ξυλοκὀπος / ksu-lo-KO-pos) “wood-cutter”.

As its name implies, the peacock carpenter bee is a metallic blue-green or green in colour, although it may even appear purplish from some angles. A large stocky bee, it is often heard by its loud low-pitched buzzing while flying between flowers. The male has white face markings. The bee does have a sting which is potentially painful, although no stings have been recorded. source

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