Hemprich’s long-eared bat

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The desert long-eared bat (Otonycteris hemprichii) is a species of vesper bat.

The single species, O. hemprichi, occurs in the desert zone from Morocco and northern Niger through Egypt and the Arabian peninsula to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Pakistan to as far east as north-west India.

Head and body length is about 73–81 mm, tail length is about 47–70 mm, and forearm length is 57–67 mm. Several authorities[3] gave the weight of two adult males as 18 to 20 grams. The large ears, about 40 mm in length, are directed nearly horizontally and are connected across the forehead by a low band of skin. Five female specimens revealed two pairs of pectoral mammae, a unique condition in mammals. It is not known if both pairs are functional. source

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